“Alexa, refill my prescription.”

Alexa can now refill your prescriptions

Alexa can control the temperate of your home, brew a pot of coffee, turn on your lights, play your favorite song, and more. As a part of Amazon’s newly integrated health initiative, the AI can now refill your medication and set medication reminders.

Amazon partnered with Omnicell, a pharmaceutical automation company and the pharmacy chain Giant Eagle for the new feature. Currently, the program is only available to Giant Eagle Pharmacy customers. Amazon has plans to expand the program to more national pharmacy chains.

If you are a Giant Eagle customer, you can refill your medication on your Echo by downloading the Giant Eagle skill. After downloading the skill, “Alexa, manage my medication”. This allows users to enter their medications and set reminders. Other commands include “Alexa, what medication am I supposed to take right now,” and “Alexa, refill my prescription.”

To keep your private health information secure, Amazon requires users of this skill to create a passcode for their Alexa Voice Profile.

Amazon has recently created several apps compliant with HIPPA creating opportunities for healthcare companies, hospitals, and pharmacies to utilize more AI technology. In 2018, the company purchased the online pharmacy PillPack and rebranded the service of providing single-dose packs with the customer’s prescriptions as Amazon Pharmacy.