Tech Trends For 2020

Technology trends for 2020


In the past decade, the world has seen technology we never thought possible. Now, going in to the new decade, we can only expect more ways for technology to improve our lives. From personal devices to tech to help your business and self-driving cars, here are the top tech trends to look for in 2020.

Wireless Charging Pads

While wireless charging pads have been on the market for several years but are becoming more popular. If you’re tired of hunting for tangled and frayed charging cords when your battery turns red, a wireless charger will help keep you organized and will charge you device much faster. Ditch the cords in 2020 and try a wireless charger that works on both iPhone and Android operating systems. With over 9,000 options on Amazon, you will find a wireless charger to meet your needs.

AI Service Subscriptions

Artificial Intelligence has gone from a futuristic pipe dream to being in your pocket. The ever-evolving technology shows no signs of slowing down. In 2020, look for more businesses implementing AI into their customer service and other business operations. Amazon, Google, and Microsoft offer AI subscriptions and custom engineering tailored to specific tasks going beyond chat bots and automatic emails. This business-exclusive service will experience exponential growth in the coming decade.

Echobeat Wireless Earphones

Apple Airpods has a worthy competitor looking for their cut of the wireless earbud market. Echobeat, the Silicon Valley startup have developed a premium wireless earbud and launched the product in May 2019. Described as having “exceptional quality” , Echobeats are ready to take on Airpods. Echobeats have a battery life of over 8 hours when fully charged and are compatible with all iOs and Android Bluetooth-equipped devices.

Heads-up Displays

Another piece of technology that looks like a sci-fi prop is set to become a tech staple in 2020. Heads-up displays (HUD) were first used in fighter pilot jets and are now available for purchase. A cross between a safety feature and a cool piece of tech, HUD devices are popping up in new cars like Mazda and BMW. HUD is a transparent display data display system that allows users to view data without looking away from viewpoints. Newly developed HUD will cast your phone’s screen onto the transparent display.

Primarily used for GPS, HUD offers unlimited options for phone projection.

5G Data Networks

5G data networks became available for the first time in 2019 and has already taken mobile networks to new heights. 2020The improved mobile network connects devices, objects, and people at a peak of 300 megabits per second revolutionizing technology and how we connect to the Internet. Widespread 5G networks provide economic freedom, increased communication abilities, and is predicted to lead to the production of $12 trillion of goods and services.

Autonomous Driving

Autonomous Driving or self-driving vehicles are a controversial topic in technology and safety. Since Tesla announced their first self-driving vehicle in 2016, automakers took notice and jumped on the trend. Autopilot has been a feature of certain Tesla models since 2015, but the innovative company plans to launch a fully autonomous car in 2020. Despite setbacks and criticism of the technology, self-driving cars will no doubt hit the road in the next decade.