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Top Apps for Small Businesses in 2019

All small business owners even with only a handful of employees should take advantage of the range of free software being offered today. Are you looking for ways to increase your company’s efficiency and not spend a fortune doing it? We believe it is important for small businesses to have the competitive edge over the competition. We […]

Has Facebook Lost The Public’s Trust?

Out of the major tech companies, people trust Facebook the least with their personal information. Amazon and Twitter come in a distant second and third, with 8 percent of people saying they trust these companies the least with their personal information. Last week, the latest in a long string of Facebook privacy scandals came to light: According to a […]

What Streaming Service Is Responsible For The Largest Internet Traffic?

Underlining the popularity of streaming services, Statista’s Martin Armstrong points out that Netflix accounts for the most megabytes with 15 percent. Youtube isn’t too far behind with 11.4 percent. Further back but still with a significant share, Amazon Prime Video is responsible for 3.9 percent. Interestingly, the biggest streamers vary notably across geographic region… source: Sandvine