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Google launches COVID-19 Community Mobility Reports

COVID-19 Community Mobility Reports

Google has launched a new website that uses anonymous location data collected from users of Google products and services to show the level of social distancing taking place in various locations. The COVID-19 Community Mobility Reports web site (click HERE to open it) will show population data trends of six categories: Retail and recreation, grocery and pharmacy, parks, […]

Apple Arcade Offers Game Subscription

Apple Arcade Offers Game Subscription

When it comes to subscription services, there is more than streaming. Apple’s new gaming subscription service, Apple Arcade provides users with access to more than 100 games.The feature is a part of the iOS 13 beta update that select customers tested last September. Apple Arcade is currently available in 150 countries. The subscription service is […]

What Is Forensic SEO?

What is forensic SEO?

The term forensics is more than what happens on an episode of CSI. For SEO, forensics involves a little detective work to best optimize your site. Forensic SEO Identifying and analyzing a website or digital footprint of an online business or brand to determine errors and or missed opportunities. This type of SEO can be used […]

Google Core and Chrome Updates

Google Core Update and Chrome

Google receives over two trillion entries into their search engine each year. This heavy traffic requires the site to update their algorithm often to ensure users search queries yield the best results. Last week, Google started its first core update of 2020. Prior to the update last week, Google’s previous update was announced last October. […]

New Website Checks Security of Smart Home Devices

New Website Checks Security Risks of Smart Home Devices

Smart home and mobile devices connected to the Internet can pose certain security and privacy risks. Consumers are rarely aware of these risks when installing their latest smart home device. A website, YourThings Scorecard was developed and launched by researchers from the Georgia Institute of Technology and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill […]

The History of SEO

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Like all the tech concepts that encapsulate our whole, SEO started out as a primitive practice that has evolved into the backbone of how we search for and discover content. On August 6, 1991, the first website was launched by Tim Berners-Lee. The site which is still up today, unknowingly launched what would change our […]

Top Tech Gifts Of The Last Decade

Top Tech Gifts Of The Last Decade

Over the past decade, technology has evolved more than we ever thought possible. From saving lives to changing the way we listen to music and watch television, tech has integrated every part of our lives. Gadgets and various tech have become the most popular gifts over the past ten holiday seasons. Take a trip down […]

4 Smart Home Devices You Might Not Know About

4 Smart Home Devices You Might Not Know About Edit |

Every home has gotten smart in the last few years. Thanks to devices like the Amazon Echo, Google Home, smartphones and their iterations the convenience of technology in our homes is more accessible and affordable than ever. These devices are a major aspect of having a smart home. Once you’ve said your first “Hey, Google” […]

Google’s New Search Engine Update

Google’s New Search Engine Update

The Internet’s favorite search engine recently had a major update, although you most likely didn’t notice. The tech giant was first known for its search engine and has since moved on to hardware.Google does not often publicly speak about Search, but recently, the company has revealed an updated algorithm that aims to improve your search […]

Okay Google, Let’s Get Spooky!

Okay Google, Let’s Get Spooky!

Your Google Home device is full of fun, scary tricks and treats for Halloween! Google can play spooky music, tell a scary story, and more! Get extra spooky with these hidden Google Home commands. Scary Sound Effects for Trick or Treat Terrify and delight your neighborhood trick-or-treaters by saying “Hey Google, get spooky.” The command […]