4 Smart Home Devices You Might Not Know About

4 Smart Home Devices You Might Not Know About Edit |

Every home has gotten smart in the last few years. Thanks to devices like the Amazon Echo, Google Home, smartphones and their iterations the convenience of technology in our homes is more accessible and affordable than ever.

These devices are a major aspect of having a smart home. Once you’ve said your first “Hey, Google” or “Alexa…”- there is much more you can do with your devices than play your favorite songs, scroll through Facebook on your phone, and re-order your favorite coffee on Amazon. The options for smart devices and ways to incorporate them into your life can be overwhelming. Beyond the speakers and light bulbs, there are many new smart devices and appliances.

Get the most out of your smart home with these additions you might not have known about.

Smart Smoke Detector

Perhaps the most essential safety tool in your home is now available in a smart version. The Nest Protect is a smart smoke detector that has an app for your smartphone that sends alerts and an alarm during a fire. It can detect different fires, such as fast and slow burning, heat, humidity, and carbon monoxide. Not only will the Nest Protect tell you there is carbon monoxide in your home, it will let you know where the poisonous gas is in your home.The device sends alerts to your phone when there is a malfunction or when the batteries need changed.

Smart Coffee Maker

Calling all coffee lovers! Wake up to the smell of fresh brewed coffee and start your day the way you want. You can now have your device make your coffee before you are out of bed in the morning. Smart coffee makers allow you to set a brew time, control the brew strength, and turn off your coffee pot. Never go back inside to check your coffee pot again, with smart coffee makers you can turn off your device from your phone. This Hamilton Beach Alexa Smart Coffee Maker is available for pre-order on Amazon.

Smart Plugs

Cut your utility bills and control your devices with smart plugs.Controlled by your smart devices, smart plugs allow you to turn on and off your lights and appliances when you’re not home. To activate a smart plug, download the skill on your Alexa/Google Home app, link your smart plug to the skill, and start using when your plug in your electronics. The top-selling smart plug on Amazon, The Gosund Mini Wifi Outlet, can create schedules for your appliances and electronics. The device can turn off devices that use the most power when you’re not using them and allow for daily schedules for certain electronics, such as cutting the power to your TV after a certain time. The Gosund app can control unlimited plugs, making it easy to connect your entire home to the smart plugs.

Smart Glasses

In September, Amazon announced one of its new devices- The Echo Frames.  Not yet released to the public, the Echo Frames are non-prescription glasses (you can have a prescription added if you chose) that are constantly connected to Alexa. The device is powered by your Android phone’s data plan and the Alexa app.The frames include microphones and speakers that allow wearers to hear notifications, complete commands, stream music, and take phone calls. Other features include to-do lists and reminders. The speakers, made with Amazon open-ear technology directs sounds to your ears without blocking out the sound of what is going on around you. Echo Frames are priced at $179.99 and have a  2020 release date.