Netflix Testing Playback Speed on Android

Netflix Testing Playback Speed on Android

Netflix is currently testing a feature users of the streaming service have requested for years- the option to adjust playback speed.

The streaming giant launched the test on its Android app in late October. Playback speed adjustments allows for users to increase or slow down the speed of videos on mobile devices. The feature is not available on Netflix web apps. The playback speeds range from 0.5x to 1.5x.

Netflix launched the feature to enhance playback on a phone or tablet, or to increase playback speed to binge your favorite shows even faster. Being able to adjust playback speeds allows users more control over their streaming experience and content. Filmmakers and directors have expressed concerns over the feature, claiming that the distributor should not have control over how content is presented and that the feature will prevent users from viewing content in the way it was intended.

The launch of the sought-after adjustment option comes on the heels of Disney Plus, which earned more than 10 million customers in 24 hours, HBO MAX, and Apple TV.

Proponents of the option feel that viewers should have more control over the content they pay to access. Many other streaming services and apps offer similar playback options. Netflix responded to backlash by claiming to adjusting audio pitches during playback and reiterating that DVD players offer similar features.

In a blog on the company site, Netflix stated, “whether we introduce these features for everyone at some point will depend on the feedback we receive.” The blog also mentioned that additional features such as altering the brightness on your phone without going into settings and easier access to audio and language settings were also added.