Top Tech Gifts Of The Last Decade

Top Tech Gifts Of The Last Decade

Over the past decade, technology has evolved more than we ever thought possible. From saving lives to changing the way we listen to music and watch television, tech has integrated every part of our lives. Gadgets and various tech have become the most popular gifts over the past ten holiday seasons. Take a trip down memory lane with the top tech gifts of the 2010s.


The iPad first launched in 2010 and was the hot ticket item that holiday season behind the Amazon Kindle and the less popular Nook from Barnes and Noble. Prior to the iPad, laptops were the only option for a portable computer. The sleek and slim design of the iPad revolutionized personal and portable computers with touchscreen technology.

2011-Amazon Kindle Fire

The Kindle Fire was Amazon’s first color tablet e-reader and was the hottest gift of the 2011 holiday season. Offering much better deals on books and added Amazon benefits, the Kindle quickly became the top e-reader on the market. The first color Kindle, then called Fire featured a 7-inch touchscreen and a custom Android operating system. Kindle is on its ninth generation model and shows no sign of slowing down.

2012-Raspberry Pi

The sweetly named device was originally made to help students learn to code. The Linux-powered device is about the size of a credit card and is a blank slate that can be programmed into anything your inner tech engineer desires. The Raspberry Pi is most often used as a retro gaming system and has introduced a new generation to classic games.

2013-Google Chromecast

It’s hard to believe the concept of streaming is new. Google’s Chromecast help popularize the way of television watching future in 2013. At only $35, Chromecast would stream media from your phone or laptop to your television. The device was popular for those who didn’t want to drop hundreds on a smart TV or a streaming box. While the device is outdated it was an essential piece of technology and was then a glimpse into the future of streaming and binge watching.

2014-Amazon Echo

Voice assistants for your house seemed like a far-off futuristic dream, even in 2014. As of 2019, over 100 million Alexa devices have been sold. The Echo was the first of its kind and was a trail blazer for competitors and smart home devices.

2015-Apple Watch

The first smartwatch had a rocky start but has since become the standard design for all other smartwatches. The advanced health features on the Apple Watch including the impressive EKG feature has made the smart accessory an essential tool for health tracking.

2016-Wireless Headphones

When Apple eliminated the headphone jack on the iPhone 7, the company ushered in a wireless headphone wave with AirPods. Knockoffs and similar devices from Bose soon flooded the market and wireless earbuds are a now mainstay for any music fan and podcast junkies.

2017-Nintendo Switch

The gaming giant released this hybrid gaming system in 2017 as an updated version of the classic Gameboy. The Switch, as the name implies allows users to switch their game from the device to a television. The Switch was no doubt the most important console of the decade and has taken gaming technology to the next level.


Roku devices have allowed consumers access to smart TV-style technology at an affordable price. One of the most powerful streaming boxes available, 2018’s Roku Ultra included voice control and access to endless streaming channels.

2019-Robot Vacuums

Everyday chores became more tech-friendly and less stressful with the robot vacuum boom of the 2010s. The options for a clean floor seem limitless with the number of robotic vacuums on the market with various price points and a variety of functions.