8 Social Media Trends for Brands in 2021

1. Inclusivity–Brands are facing more and more pressure each year to be more inclusive with products and marketing. As more brands emerge and use social media as a form of marketing, consumers are ever aware they have the flexibility to choose a brand that aligns with topics they feel passionately about.

2. Be authentic–Consumers are looking for brands that make sense, brands they can afford, brands that don’t hide how and where their products are made. Consumers want transparency from the companies they buy from now more than ever, because of pressure from things like climate change, child labor in other countries, and inhumane conditions for animals or employees.

3. Presence with Purpose–Customers are tired of the “for every $1 you spend, we’ll donate .1 to a charity” deal. Consumers are looking for more responsibility from these brands, financial responsibility in fact. Consumers have been choosing brands that donate large portions of their earnings to charities in need, or when putting that money back into the community. A Twitter survey revealed 74% of people who were polled, prefer brands who showcase acts of kindness and charity.

4. Commerce–we’re going to see social commerce take off as it becomes increasingly popular to shop online, specifically since the pandemic, as people haven’t been able to get out and shop as usual. Having a Facebook or Instagram shop is important moving into the future.

5. Augmented Reality–notice how everyone has a filter on their profile pictures these days? Well brands have found the same filters are excellent for a high engagement from consumers. That’s right, put your brand name on a cool filter and add it to the Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook (where ever you’re able), and allow people to use your filter in their profile pictures instead. It’s a great way to spread the word about all your brand offers.

6. More Reality, but Virtual this time–VR has taken off since the start of the pandemic due to people being stuck at home, needing extra support in the entertainment field. VR used to be difficult to get your hands on, but now they even make VR headsets for your cell phone. Facebook Horizon is looking at ways for players to engage and play games together via VR and their app.

7. Stories (and I don’t mean Days of Our Lives)–Facebook stories and Instagram stories have taken over the internet. Everyone has them. Quick snippets about your day, what you’re eating, where you’re going, a quick thought you’d like to lament, users love them. Brands should be adding to their stories every single day, multiple times a day. Users will automatically see these stories as they’re running through their friends stories.

8.Live Streams–it feels like live streaming has been around for a while, but these days it’s STILL a popular way to communicate with your consumer or friends. From tutorials to giveaways, live streaming grabs the consumers attention and allows you to interact with them while advertising your brand.

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