SAAS EconCal

Information Details

  • Case Name: EconCal
  • Site Type: Hosted
  • Languages: HTML 5, Bootstrap, Java, PHP
  • Features: SAAS Software as a Service
  • Features: Live Financial Data
  • Features: Live Economic Reports
  • Features: Subscription Module
  • Features: Live Economic Calendar
  • Features: Integrates into other websites as white lable

Software As A Service SAAS

Ever visit a website of a bank, mortgage company, stock broker, etc and see an economic calendar? That is just what we created. Our clients can easily have an enonomic calendar that has live and historical data, tables and charts. We gather thousands of data points and push them to our clients in a "white label" solution. This means that the users of their website never know that the calendar and data on their website is coming from EconCal. Websites pay monthly or annually for the use of the economic calendar and finanical data news. This system is very easy to implement into any website.