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Our Top Ways To Get More Customer Reviews

Ask for Them

This is the most effective way to get reviews. Simply appeal to someone that you have an actual relationship with and just ask. You’d be surprised how saying “hey, it would really help me out of if you did this” will be the most effective way to get more reviews.

Send Email Requests

Again, this is all about asking. Don’t be afraid to send out an email campaign with the sole message being “Let us know what you think- Leave us a Review!” These emails should include links to your profiles on the platforms you want to focus on. Sometimes, using segmented lists of high-value clients or emailing individual clients directly with personalized emails can get you the best results.

Offer Incentives

Want results? Offer incentives.

Be careful with this one, certain platforms (like Google and Yelp) do not allow you to incentive users. Use carefully, and to be safe, stick to platforms where it’s allowed.

Promote Reviews You Already Have

Reviews work a lot like UGC; this makes sense since they’re a form of user generated content. If you promote and feature the reviews you’ve already gotten, more users will be more likely to leave some, too.  Google has a great platform #SmallThankswithGoogle that creates ready-to-share posts of reviews you have already received on your Google Business.

Place CTAs on Your Site

This is another form of “it never hurts to ask.” Many sites now have social media widgets or plugins somewhere within them where they display UGC and customer reviews. Place a CTA next to them that specifically encourages users to “Leave us a Review” can be extremely effective. Direct, clear, concise CTAs are used in marketing for a good reason, and they can work just as well here as everywhere else.

Incentivize Employees to Ask for Reviews

If you’re the business’s owner or head of a department, train your employees to ask more for reviews. Many employees take pride in their work but need to be reminded to ask for reviews. If you can incentivize them to ask for more reviews, everyone wins; have a contest, and whichever employee gets the most or best (or both!) customer reviews on social media, can win a prize. Whoever has the most direct interaction and relationships with the customers should be the ones to ask.

Use Timing to Your Advantage

If you ask customers at the right time, they’ll be a lot more likely to leave you a review on social media. For businesses who may not have continual clients (like real estate agents or mortgage brokers), contact the client 3-5 days after a purchase. Ensure that they’re still happy, thank them for their purchase, and ask for a review. This time frame is optimal; you’re fresh in their mind and they’re familiar with you.

Address Negative Reviews

Make sure to use negative reviews to your advantage by addressing them. Apologize for the user’s experience and offer a solution to resolve the complaint. If you can’t, ask to contact the user through email or private message. Other users will still see the negative review, but they’ll also see that you took ownership of the situation and tried to make it right. This counts for a lot.

Tell Users Exactly Where You Want Them to Review

In many cases, being specific can benefit you. Ask users to leave reviews on specific platforms. You can also ask them to mention the employee who helped them by name or ask them to mention how your business helped them. If users know what to write, they don’t have to think about what to put down; this makes it easier for them.

Utilize Display Plugins

There are a million and one plugins that we can use to help us promote our businesses, and some of them can help us get more reviews on social media. The Facebook Reviews plugin for WordPress, for example, lets you display Facebook reviews on your site. You can also use tools to showcase LinkedIn recommendations on your site. Most of these plugins let users easily navigate to your site to view the recommendations; when combined with a CTA, these tools can help you get more reviews fast.

Make Reviews a Contest Participation Requirement

If you want to generate conversation and get more reviews at once, you can make leaving reviews a mandatory part of a social contest. Make sure you clarify that to enter, you must write an honest review, and the contents won’t be taken into consideration. You can’t track this with social contest software, and make sure you aren’t breaking any platform violations if you host the contest on-site. You can always have a raffle for participants that you announce on social but carry out offline.

Print Requests on Receipts

This is another brick-and-mortar specific tactic; print out receipts with “Leave us a Review on Facebook/Yelp/Google” instructions on the bottom. Many people keep their receipts. If you’re in the B2B industry, many clients may scan their receipts into invoicing software later to keep track of business expenses. The more you can remind customers to leave you reviews, the better.

Follow Up

Following up is an important business strategy, and it can help you get more reviews. You must be gentle with this; don’t be pushy. But especially with customers you have close relationships with, you can say “hey, did you ever get a chance to write a review for us?” 


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