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SEO Tips Heading Into 2019

Any business with an SEO campaign should know that the digital world is always changing.  If you are not changing, you will risk being left behind. The beginning of 2019 is fast approaching and now is the time to start thinking about how your strategy can be made better in the new year.

Here our 5 Tips to start your SEO off  the right way in 2019:

Keywords – Less is More

If you have been stacking dozens of keywords on each targeted page, now is the time to depart from that methodology. Over the past year or so search engines are favoring websites that incorporate highly pertinent and trustworthy keywords more than anything. It has moved to being more about quality than quantity!

Content – Quality is Key

Not only are keywords becoming more important, but so is the way in which you incorporate them into your website. Google has become better and better at reading the content on each page and discerning whether it is truly relevant to the business, or simply trying to fit in as many keywords as possible.

A new year is the perfect time to refresh your content and make sure you are giving your customers what they need.

Long-Form Content – Helps your Ranking

We have seen SEO grow to incorporate much more than merely your targeted product pages. Google is looking at long-form content further and rewarding those who do it well.

Research has shown that longer content such as blogs and eBooks have a good chance at ranking and converting the customers who read them. This is likely because, as Google themselves have stated, roughly 10% of people who use the search engine every day are looking for reliable information on a broad topic. Long-form content appeals to those who want in-depth information, and Google rewards businesses who take the time to create content that does just that.


Knowing where you’re standing from an SEO point of view is essential to keeping your campaign performing at its best.  

Video Content

Video has fast become one of the fastest growing and best ways of communication for audiences all over the world. In 2019, it’s a great idea to develop video content for your website that draws the audience in and provides information in a way that words simply can’t. People will often pass up the 1,200-word Product Page but take the time to watch the 30 second video that gives them the exact same information.

Make sure to contact McNee Solutions for all your SEO questions!  We look forward to helping you start 2019 with an SEO campaign directed to fit all your needs.


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