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Are You Optimizing Your Images?

1. Give Your Images Alt Text (Alternative Text)

If you upload a picture of coffee cups to your blog, it’s clear to you and your readers that the image is of coffee cups.

However, search engines can’t actually see your images, so they use your alternative text (alt text) to determine what the image is.

To edit your images alt text, in your media library (Media > Library), click on your image, and place a short description of the image in the “alt text” box.

Alt Text Explanation

2. Give Your Images a Title

Never keep the images default title (such as IMG_1111) when uploading images to your blog.

When saving your image to your computer, give it a descriptive file name.

For example, if saving an image of two cups of coffee, you can name the image “cup of coffee with friends.”

To name your image title in WordPress, go to your media library (Media > Library), click on the image, and insert your title in the title box.

Alt Text ExplanationYou can also edit your title and alt text within your post by going in to edit the post and clicking on the image you want to name. Next, click on the pencil button and simply edit your title and alt text.

Bonus Tip

Your blogs load time also contributes to your SEO ranking. Keep your blog speed up by re-sizing your images (don’t upload images at their full size) before uploading them to your blog.

You also want to make sure that you are using images that you have the right to use.  My favorite site for Beautiful Free photos is Unsplash


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