We will Create the Perfect Solution for your Business

Since 1991 we have been providing customized programming, websites and hardware to our clients.

Our company operates with strong Midwestern and Southern principals of hard work and ethics. We handle all of our work "in-house" and never send our work off-shore. We take pride and responsibility in everything that we do for our clients.

In 1991, Bryan left his position as a Cost Accountant for a large coal mining company to sell an inventory control software package that he created and then started to take on more clients that needed specialized programming. While programming has always been his primary focus, his clients needed computer hardware and systems to run his software so he started to assemble computers. Eventually, that grew in to the largest Retail Computer store in the state. He also opened a contract manufacturing plant that assembled RAM with pick-and-place automated robots in a clean room. Now he and his team continue his original focus of providing customized programming and websites for our clients.
At McNee Solutions, our mission is to provide our clients with the best programming and design work. We give our team members all of the tools and resources that they need along with creative flexibility and encouragement to create something amazing for our clients. Our goal is to make it easy (and even fun) for our clients to go from concept to final product. We pride ourselves with excellent follow-up and communication skills.
Our Team is Here to Help You Achieve Your Goals!